Communicating Cyber to the Board Should Not Be Scary (So Why Is It?)

When the time comes - quarterly, annually, or ad hoc – to present to the Board on cyber security, it is often accompanied by a sense of dread. Why is that? Do we have something to hide? Do we think the board won’t really “understand” cyber security because its “complicated”?
As the cyber security landscape has evolved, the role of the Board, and Board cyber updates, has becoming increasingly critical. This presentation will cover the role of the Board, the role of the CISO, and the dynamics of what a good Board conversation should look like, and include. When you leave this presentation, you should feel comfortable and empowered to deliver your Board cyber updates often and with confidence.

About the Speaker
Kevin is the offering leader for the Cyber Detect & Respond advisory solution area in Deloitte’s Cyber & Strategic Risk practice.

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