Common Types of Management Information System

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Since most of the management #students wonder tools that can support them in managing, today, we’ll discuss some vital #management #information #systems for the aid.
So first know what a management information system is.
Definition of Management Information System
A type of computerized database that is helpful in the decision-making process of management.
There are ten common types of MIS; let’s know them one by one.
Common Types of Management Information System
Process Control - collects data and makes repost based on system #performance
Management Reporting System - designed to produce report related to finances, helpful to compare the performance
Transaction Process System - designed to perform routine activities like payments, order, deposits, etc
Executive Information System - #designed to assist executive managers in executing functions
Decision Supportive System - helpful in making decisions in an emergency
Accounting and Finance - track assets and investments for an organization
Inventory Control- Includes sales, theft inventory on hand, and spoilage
Sales and Marketing - helpful to track and execute efficiency of marketing functions
Enterprise Collaboration - keeps track of employees as well as #recruitments
Expert System - assist people who have lower expertise
Advantages of MIS
Helps ion #achieving higher efficiency levels
Improving the quality of decisions
Promotes better #communication between different departments
Adds values to different products
Motivates innovation and creativity
Improves the development of products
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