Commercial Real Estate For Beginners | Step By Step Tutorial

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In today's video, we'll be learning the basics of commercial real estate.

We'll discuss different property types, property classes, financial metrics on how to value commercial real estate, and much more.

Commercial real estate is property created to do one thing, and that is to earn income through its tenants. It is primarily used for business-related purposes, with a multifamily component for living spaces.

There are multiple types of commercial real estate.

The main types are:
- Office Space
- Hotels/Resorts
- Retail
- Multifamily (i.e. Apartments)
- Industrial
- Mixed Use (Retail + Residential)

We'll discuss this much further in the video. Stay until the end!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 - Intro
1:01 - What Is Commercial Real Estate
2:10 - Types Of Commercial Real Estate
3:07 - Classes Of Commercial Real Estate
4:36 - Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?
6:40 - Types of Commercial Leases
8:07 - Key Commercial Real Estate Metrics
9:34 - Fundrise Spot
11:18 - How Do You Make Money With Commercial Real Estate?
11:57 - Net Operating Income NOI
13:15 - Cap Rate
15:28 - Value Add Forcing Appreciation
17:09 - EXAMPLE
20:07 - My Thoughts

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