Commercial banks, commercial banks and their functions, types, banking operations management

RBI : Management and Organisational Setup : https://youtu.be/xlGF6uubThg
Functions of RBI : https://youtu.be/KziOl4Wl_FY
Negotiable Instrument, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Cheque: https://youtu.be/0IwA0TNP7sc
Time Value of Money : https://youtu.be/mQ9nNVxIhZ8
RBI and Governors : https://youtu.be/lLsAnHKjtP8
RBI Retail Direct : https://youtu.be/dRfHJtqcoU4
Reserve Bank Integrated Ombudsman Scheme : https://youtu.be/dRfHJtqcoU4
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