Combat Series Part I - Lightsaber Combat and Forms I, II & III Summary

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Fighting with a lightsaber represents an ancient skill that has evolved over a thousand years following its development into seven "classic" forms and many variations. The fact that a lightsaber's entire mass was concentrated in its handle was only one of the many factors that rendered mastery so challenging. A lightsaber's minimal weight and all-around slicing power contributed to its being a very adaptable tool. It was versatile enough to be used with either hand. The Jedi were taught to channel their energy via the Force and into their weapons. As a result of their strong connection to the Force, the blade began to act as if it were a portion of their own body, moving on autopilot.

Form I proved less effective facing individual adversaries since they could take advantage of Shii-Cho's rather sloppy bladework and move freely. Because Shii-Cho encourages a passionate state of mind, practitioners often feel the urge to overreact during training and engage in violent acts. Although there is a temptation to end one's life, utilizing a disarming technique is effective in neutralizing an opponent while avoiding major injury.

Makashi called for exceptionally fluent motions of the lightsaber and the user's body because of its emphasis on fluent mobility and the preparation of a lightsaber being aimed at an opponent. To win, they had to rely on execution, precision, and ability instead of brute force. The effects were lethal in the hands of a trained professional. Form II practitioners had a reputation for being refined, deliberate, and self-assured. Practitioners of Makashi fought with an air of unshakeable assurance, regularly seeming almost carefree, as if they were engaging in a dance. Form II practitioners were also instructed to break free from the constraints of habit and routine, since they made them vulnerable to attacks based on surprise and foresight.

Soresu, as opposed to its predecessors, which primarily involved lightsaber fighting, was designed to counter opponents armed with blasters. By focusing on precise maneuvers, delicate dodges, and quick moves, Soresu became perhaps the most protective lightsaber style, making the user least susceptible to a distant attack. Soresu called for the practitioner to study their opponent's technique in detail when fighting. Additional choices were available to Jedi using Soresu because of the individual's enhanced capacity to endure for extended periods of time in a fight. Someone who makes use of Soresu has the option of killing, disarming, or talking to his enemy. Practitioners of Form III who had put in the time and effort to perfect their defenses became a force to be reckoned with.

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