College Dropout Making $500K as a Software Engineer | Q&A

Welcome Back! In this video, I interviewed Esco Obong a Senior Software Engineer at Airbnb, and chat about how he was able to break into tech without a college degree! This is a follow-up video where we answered some questions that you had from the last interview. I hope you enjoy this video!

#From College Dropout to Senior Software Engineer at AirBnb | Q&A

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► Timestamps
0:00 - Intro
1:28 - What type of Software Engineer are you to make $500k+?
3:37 - Is $500K base salary or total compensation?
4:58 - What type of coding/work do you do on a day to day? What's your stack?
7:04 - What kind of skills outside of programming are most important?
9:05 - How do you land multiple offers simultaneously?
10:37 - Any Negotiation tips?
12:22 - When do you know when it's time to stop negotiating?
14:21 - Any essential books or courses that helped you become a better Software Engr?
16:06 - How did you land your first freelance job?
17:28 - How do you progress in your career to get to the Staff SE level?
21:04 - Have you faced any stigma for having no degree?
22:28 - Thoughts on Networking?
23:43 - Any challenging moments in your journey that made you doubt yourself?
28:45 - Outro

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