Collect, Create, Classify, Curate: Enhancing & Integrating Planning & Emergency Mgmtt Capabilities

Organizational pain points and obstacles to plan integration are common in all levels of government. The sheer number of plans, documents and files, the variety of mediums they are stored in, inconsistent naming conventions, and other challenges can hamper departments’ day-to-day activities and their need to work together in emergencies.

Effective knowledge management systems can address these barriers among agencies and levels of government and serve as a plan integration tool for Planning, Emergency Management, Transportation, Public Works, and other departments.

Deepa Srinivasan, Andrew Estrain and Ashley Samonisky of Vision Planning and Consulting joined the Smart Growth Network to outline how new technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) can be used to create a modern collaborative workspace, encourage vertical and horizontal integration among levels of government, and improve the efficiency of task and workflow assignments, across disciplines and across agencies.
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