Collaborative work and Project Management In Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams has become a vital hub of communication within many organizations. We create teams for business units, ad hoc groups, and teams where we can collaborate on documents, track meeting minutes, capture updates on to-dos, and plan future initiatives. OnePlan has created a work management solution that installs in Microsoft Teams to help your organization execute the projects you need to complete quickly and effectively. Leveraging our Work Plan and a set of pre-built templates, we support both agile and traditional methodologies for work & project management. This enables each team to organize and operate as they see fit. OnePlan provides the power to make work & project management simple. Come see how:

In this webinar we will show:

Current trends for work management tracking
How to enable OnePlan in Microsoft Teams to meet these needs
Managing your projects using both traditional and agile methodologies in Microsoft Teams
Leveraging a set of pre-built schedule templates to quickly create new projects
Visualization of resource usage in each project
Quickly creating sprints and assigning work to each sprint
Capturing status of tasks across all forms of work including issues, risks, and change requests
Leverage Microsoft Project Desktop for advanced project scheduling
Easy, streamlined progress updates from team members for all forms of work
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