Collaboration on training: Industry & Academia

Chaired by Viveta GENE (Translation & Localization Industry Specialist at Intertranslations, GALA member)

This panel will discuss examples and best practices of collaboration projects between industry and academia partners. What skill profiles are most language service providers looking for? The panel chair will set the scene by presenting recent findings in the field of MT post-editing training and proposing a set of best practices for professionals involved in post-editing activities.

Adriano Ferraresi (Panelist)
Associate Professor in English Language and Translation • University of Bologna, EMT
Emília Perez (Panelist)
Associate professor • Constantine the Philosopher University (Nitra), EMT
Enrico Antonio Mion (Panelist)
Freelance translator and trainer
Gary Massey (Panelist)
Professor of Translation Studies • Zurich University of Applied Sciences, EMT
Viveta Gene (Moderator)
Translation & Localization Industry Specialist • Intertranslations, GALA member
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