Coastal Resilience and the Role of Nature-Based Solutions | Webinar | AXA Research Fund

Building coastal resilience naturally through collaborative efforts.

Coastal habitats such as coral reefs, marshes and mangrove forests can serve as a critical first line of defense to coastal hazards related to climate change. During this webinar, we assess the challenges of coastal risk and examine opportunities to advance nature-based solutions in insurance, investment and disaster risk reduction. This webinar is a part of 'The AXA Research Fund Expert Series' which brings together experts in academia, business and public policy to discuss key risks in health, the environment and the economy in order to inform decision-making.

The discussion is led by Maryam Golnaraghi Ph.D, (Director of Climate Change and Environment at the Geneva Association) and includes Prof. Michael Beck, (AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience at the University of California, Santa Cruz),Chip Cunliffe (Biodiversity Director at AXA XL), Shade Duffy (Director of Impact Management at AXA Investment Managers) and Niels Holm-Nielsen (Practice Manager, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery at the World Bank).

To find out more about the projects supported by the AXA Research Fund to improve coastal resilience, visit our website: https://www.axa-research.org/en

In this webinar, we walk you through:
- 01:42 - Overview of Panelists and Coastal Resilience
- 05:28 - Building Coastal Resilience with Michael Beck
- 12:23 - Investing in the Protection of Natural Ecosystems with Chip Cunliffe
- 17:16 - Investment and Impact management with Shade Duffy
- 21:57 - Disaster Risk Reduction with Niels Holm-Nielsen
- 34:33 - Investor Interest and Funding in the Public and Private sector
- 44:48 - Role of the Government and Financial Sector in Defending Coastlines
- 52:00 - Risk Analytics and Data Collection
- 58:55 - Closing Thoughts: How to Move Forward

About the AXA Research Fund:
Since 2008, AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative funds innovative research in key areas related to health, climate & environment, socio economics and new technologies risks, and supports dissemination to help inform public and private decision-making based on excellent science. #AXARF

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