CNC Shop Tour: An Inside Look at a Shop FULL of Horizontal Machining Centers!

3rd Gen Machine Tour! While the name suggests it's been around for a long time, there's more to the story.

This shop thrives on high production manufacturing for a variety of industries such as aerospace, medical, oil + gas, high-tech, and more! 3rd Gen Machine is also a one-stop shop that can take a concept and turn it into a fully shippable product. This tour focuses on departments, systems, protocols, and culture that contribute to success. Also, we sit down with the owner, Evan Jones to discuss 3rd Gen Machine history and entrepreneurial topics.

00:00 - Intro to 3rd Gen Machine in Utah
01:25 - Quality Control & Programming/Engineering Hub
02:22 - Main Hub & Team Meetings, Interpersonal Communication
03:30 - Main Floor: Footprint Matters
04:25 - Lean Organization, Kanban, Manual Work Orders, ERP + Machine Monitoring
10:33 - 3rd Gen Machine Organizational Culture
12:20 - RPS, Scheduling, and Lead Times
13:25 - From Concept To Product - One Stop Shop
14:19 - FIFO: First In; First Out.
16:04 - Shipping Department, New Building, Scrap + SmartSkim
19:28 - Raw Material Storage & Prep
20:15 - ROBODRILL CELL, Tool Crib, Job Shop/Prep
21:32 - Maintenance Department, 3D Printing
25:54 - Employee Duties, What Happens When Tools and Machines Break
28:27 - Office Area Staff Positions: From Reception to Program Managers
29:07 - Interview with Evan Jones, Owner of 3rd Gen Machine
34:16 - Final Thoughts

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