CMPT641 Digital Transformation Case Study on Ford Motor 360VR (part 2) by Team 5 Week 8 @UCW, BC,

CMPT 641: Digital Transformation
This course is designed to include a variety of experiences and ways of understanding and applying course topics and issues. A special focuses is placed on experiential learning by the way of engaging in a consulting-like project. The dynamics of the course will also involve interactive activities in class in which students will be expected to engage. Decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving frameworks within the context of digital transformation will also be employed weekly. Multiple opportunities for presenting and discussing findings of research or case analysis will also be employed. Another special emphasis will be placed on teamwork, where communication skills, time management skills, and leadership skills will also be exercised. Full attendance and preparation is essential so that, not only you are familiar with the themes and concepts discussed in the readings, but you are also able to communicate, discuss and apply those themes and concepts during in-class exercises and assignments. Regular participation (e.g., presentations, discussion, and class activities) throughout the term is required.
Professor Dr Samuel Li is a truly global citizen: senior Canadian with US Green-Card holder & a Chinese immigrant. Dr Li has 10 years of high education teaching experiences and 23+ years of intensive management and leadership experiences in global ICT multinationals, including Nortel, Nokia, Motorola, BTI and Linaro in Canada, USA, and Asia; and he is credited with successful technology management for the world’s first touchscreen Linux smartphone: Motorola A760, the global first Nokia mobile Internet applications: MIA, and pioneering Android mobile platform: SavajeOS. Professor Li is also actively engaging in academic research and teaching roles at University Canada West, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Hangzhou Dianzi University, and Zhejiang University of Technology; and he holds a MBA degree from University of Toronto, Global Executive MBA program, a Master’s degree of System Design Engineering, and a Bachelor’ degree in Computer Science. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Management Sciences from University of Waterloo, focusing on advanced study in the Internet platform sharing economy, big data/AI/machine learning, and online trust & reputation systems.
Expertise & Experience
Digital Twin/Metaverse and AI/Smart X Automation
Data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI)
IT emerging technology innovation and entrepreneurship
Management of Information Technology (MoT) and Information Systems (IS)
IT product management, global marketing, and digital marketing
Strategic management and global business development
Global leadership and cross-culture team management
Current Teaching Courses at University Canada West
· BUSI 650: Business Analytics
· MKRT 612: Marketing Analytics (Data Sciences for Management as Course Designer)
· BUSI 645: E-Commerce
· CMPT 641: Digital Transformation (IT for Managers)
· MGMT 601: Leadership from Global Perspective
· MBAF504: Economics from Business Perspective
· CMPT 201: Information Systems for Managers
· GUS Research Group: Digital Transformation in the advent of COVID-19: Evidence from SMEs in Canada
· Li, XMS (2022 expected), “Building Digital Twin/Metaverse Smart Cites, Accelerating Urban Digital Transformation through Emerging Technologies”, Book Publisher: Nature Book Group, Springer, to be published by end of 2022.
· Turi, A. N., & Li, X. S. (2022). Data-Driven Decision-Making in Digital Entrepreneurship. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 16(4), 122-127.
· Li XMS (2021), “Short or long review? Text analytics and Machine Learning Approach to Online Reputation”, International Journal of Business and Management Research (IJBMR), 9 (1), pp. 28-40, e-ISSN:2347-4696, https://ijbmr.forexjournal.co.in/archive/volume-9/ijbmr-090105.html.
· Li XM; De, M.; Hipel, K.W., "A DSS architecture for multiple participant decision making" in Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 1994. Humans, Information and Technology., 1994 IEEE International Conference on , vol.2, no., pp.1208-1214 vol.2, 2-5 Oct 1994

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