CMPT641 Digital Transformation Case Study Discussion & Debate 360 VR @ UCW, Vancouver, BC, Canada

CMPT 641: Digital Transformation
This course is designed to include a variety of experiences and ways of understanding and applying course topics and issues. A special focuses is placed on experiential learning by the way of engaging in a consulting-like project. The dynamics of the course will also involve interactive activities in class in which students will be expected to engage. Decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving frameworks within the context of digital transformation will also be employed weekly. Multiple opportunities for presenting and discussing findings of research or case analysis will also be employed. Another special emphasis will be placed on teamwork, where communication skills, time management skills, and leadership skills will also be exercised. Full attendance and preparation is essential so that, not only you are familiar with the themes and concepts discussed in the readings, but you are also able to communicate, discuss and apply those themes and concepts during in-class exercises and assignments. Regular participation (e.g., presentations, discussion, and class activities) throughout the term is required. Respect for each other’s opinions and viewpoints is expected in all oral and written student contributions as well as in your interactions. In this course you are expected to demonstrate the values of teamwork, respect, academic honesty and truth.
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