Presenting The Master Plan and Architectural Design for SBUT CLUSTER-1 (ROZA COMPLEX) in Bhindi Bazaar, Mumbai Designed and Built by TRICONE

This video showcases the designs prepared by TRICONE and highlights the importance of design principles adopted for the project in 2018

“Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings,
New ideas Must use old buildings.”

Any architectural project starts with a vision, an idea and great projects often need a visionary leader and a team who all strive to make it come together.

The Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust - SBUT redevelopment project is one such that required a great visionary, His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA who dreamt of undertaking a massive redevelopment project in the heart of Mumbai to enhance and uplift the lives of all the residents and not just members of his community, the Dawoodi Bohras many of whom reside there. The area to be redeveloped is 16.5 acres of prime real estate, which currently has old, dilapidated buildings and structures haphazardly existing in narrow crowded lanes with a high density of population with very minimal modern facilities and amenities. The need of the hour called for a redevelopment.

The Master Plan initiated by SBUT in 2011 was divided into 8 clusters, of which Cluster 1 is the nucleus and heart of this entire project as it contains the iconic Raudat Tahera, the highly revered Mausoleum of his Holiness’ Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, Fatemi Masjid and the Historic Saifee Masjid.

TRICONE was fortunate to have been appointed as the Design and Build firm for Cluster-1 Roza Complex in 2012 and worked on the project till 2020.

The Cluster 1 project comprises ~600,000 sq ft of mixed-use development, including the redevelopment of 2 Masjids, a Mausoleum, community spaces, residential & office buildings, and 3 floors of Retail spaces.

His Holiness’s dream was to combine Raudat Tahera and Saifee Masjid as one unified complex, with a common Sehen (outdoor open courtyard,) with easy access to each other and enhance their surrounds with its own identity and character.
When Tricone was commissioned to do the designs for Cluster-1, their answer to this noble project was to go back in time and research the history and roots of the Fatimid era in North Africa, study the Architecture and antecedents of that time, and recreate that in the Bhindi Bazaar redevelopment project.

Tricone design team took inspiration from Raudat Tahera which was a resurgence of Fatimid Architecture. Design principles from Al Qahera (Cairo) were inculcated in designing the Cluster-1 complex, bringing history and heritage to Mumbai, which is an important city for Dawoodi Bohras worldwide and aimed to imbue the modern layout and structures with a sense of the past.

Tricone Design Studio’s strengths lie in not just their masterful design sense, but also in how to practically apply and execute them in any project, whether in India, USA or Saudi Arabia. Led by an experienced professional team, the firm excels in Client Communication, forward thinking, project management and execution. Team Tricone’s moto is understanding their clients’ needs, executing their vision in the most practical way forward and in the fastest time frame possible.

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