Closing thoughts from the 2022 International Structural Waterproofing Conference

The final thoughts from the '2022 International Structural Waterproofing Conference'brought to a close by Richard Crossley, Newton Waterproofing, who reflected on the evolution of the structural waterproofing industry, from some of the earliest codes of practice and how we can all change our opinion on best practice.


For more information on structural waterproofing, you can visit any of the links below

Information for Professionals: https://www.property-care.org/professionals/guidance/structural-waterproofing

Technical Document Library for Structural Waterproofing: https://www.property-care.org/professionals/technical-documents/structural-waterproofing

CPD Videos regarding structural waterproofing: https://www.property-care.org/cpd-videos/waterpoofing

Training courses on structural waterproofing: https://www.property-care.org/training-qualifications/courses/waterproofing
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