Closing of accounts to income summery in flow of cost # 22

Closing of accounts to income summery in flow of cost # 22for the students of I.COM , B.COM , DBA , BBA , BS In Business Studies and Management Sciences.

Closing of accounts to income summery in flow of cost # 22:

Direct Labor:

Recording of marketing and administration overhead in flow of cost # 21:

Debit & Credit:

Sales of finish goods in flow of cost # 20

Current Assets

Transfer of cost to finish goods in flow of cost # 19

Cost Accounting Cycle

Incurrence and charge of factory overhead in flow of cost # 18

Contribution of Cost Accounting to Management

Use of labor in Flow of Cost Process # 17:

Cash flow Defined

Acquisition & Use of Material in cost flow process # 16

Current Liabilities:

Flow of Cost through cost accounting cycle # 15


Cost Accounting Cycle # 14:

Administrative Cost:

Perpetual Inventory System # 13:

Who is Agent in accounting:

How Accounting for cost work # 12

Accrued Expenses

costing system of cost accounting #11

Account Receivable:

System and Cost Accounting System # 10:

Variable Expenses:

Controllable or uncontrollable cost # some other costs concepts of Cost Classification # 9

Account Payable:

Period cost # direct & indirect cost # fixed & variable cost (Cost Classification) # 8:

What are Assets:

Classification Of Cost product cost or manufacturing cost # 7

Adjustment Entries & types

Introduction to Cost in Cost Accounting # 6


Cost Accounting vs Financial accounting # 5

Difference between Cost and Expense (COST VS EXPENSE)

Nature of Cost Accounting & its Contribution to Management # 4:


Limitations of Financial Accounting # 3

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Evolution Of Cost Accounting # 2


Introduction And Basic Understandings Of Cost Accounting # 1

Direct Cost & Indirect Cost in Cost Accounting

Units of Production Depreciation Method

Difference between Financial & cost accounting

Sum of the Years' Digits Production Depreciation Method


Double Declining Balance Depreciation Method


Introduction to Depreciation and straight line depreciation:

Debit & Credit Rules:

Death of Partner in Partnership

Accounting Equation

Settlement of Retiring partner in retirement or Death of partner

Accounting Treatment Of Goodwill In Retirement of Partner:

Introduction to Cost Accounting:

Introduction to Retirement of Partner & Revaluation Account:
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