Clinical Haematology: Coagulation, Anaemia and Malignant Haematology

Clinical Haematology: Coagulation, Anaemia and Malignant Haematology
Patients in the intensive care unit frequently report haematological issues. Handling these problems and providing acute care to patients with haematological disorders can be challenging for critical care doctors. Join our panellists as they share their experience in critical care practice and present practical approaches to managing coagulation, anaemia and malignant haematology in the ICU.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Charles Marc Samama, Professor of Anaesthesiology
10:06 Flavio Nacul, Critical Care Physician
18:08 Laveena Munshi, Critical Care Physician
29:24 Victoria Metaxa , ICU Consultant 
43:54 Q/A Session with Jean-Louis Vincent, Editor-in-Chief, ICU Management & Practice
56:55 Credits
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