Climate Resilient Development Pathways in Africa and Asia

University of East Anglia (UEA) / National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD)

We synthesise our research in Kenya, Namibia, Indonesia, India to extend IPCC’s AR6 Ch.18 on Climate Resilient Development Pathways. We spotlight risks and contexts including fire, hazard, blue carbon agriculture, and governance lessons towards socially-just and climate-resilient development.

Speakers: Mark Tebboth (UEA), Rachel Carmenta (UEA), Kirit Shelat (NCCSD), Daniel Murdiyarso (CIFOR-ICRAF), Margaret Angula (UNam), Dr V Sadamatev (NCCSD), Dr Dada Bacudo (GACSA), Santiago Alba-Corral (IDRC), Thuy Thu Pham (CIFOR-ICRAF)
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