CliftonStrengths Podcast: Developing Your Leadership Skills Season 2 Launch

Join Jaclynn Robinson, Learning and Development Consultant at Gallup, and Jim Collison, Gallup's CliftonStrengths Community Manager as they cover how you can best lead others, influence teams, and includes practical ways to develop your CliftonStrengths in a leadership role, one Theme at a time! This is the Season 2 Launch Party! Come and hear what we have planned for the coming season!

About the Host

Jaclynn Robinson, Ph.D. , is a workplace consultant at Gallup, where she brings expertise in the areas of cultural psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and multinational organizational development. Her focal points at Gallup are in strengths-based development and workplace practices, including talent selection, employee engagement, strengths-based coaching, and leadership and development training. In 2017, Jaclynn received Gallup’s Coaching Excellence award.

CliftonStrengths Top 5: Achiever | Strategic | Maximizer | Positivity | Relator

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