ClickUp Tutorial: The BEST Project Management Software in 2022!

Welcome to 2022 productive friends! In today's video I give to you my secret recipe when it comes to project management. We are back on ClickUp! In this ClickUp tutorial I walk you through how I use it to build and manage projects within my agency and how you can do the same! This video is best for those who have a team of people working on multiple projects, but ClickUp offers awesome plans for those lone soldiers who want to organize their personal projects too!

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0:00 - What are we building today?
0:44 - ClickUp Pricing
1:53 - Understanding the ClickUp Hierarchy
4:45 - Creating Your Spaces
8:25 - Creating Lists for Your Spaces
9:06 - Adding Tasks to Your Lists
10:00 - Adding Subtasks to Your Tasks
11:29 - Nested Subtasks
12:14 - Creating Templates for Faster Work
14:41 - Utilizing Task Fields
15:48 - Setting Dependencies on Tasks
17:24 - Views, Filters, Commenting and More!
20:26 - Outro

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