CIO Strategy: Managing Cloud-First Transformation, with Workday and Stout (CXOTalk #766)

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The growth of cloud computing has led large organizations to significant IT transformation, with the goal of reducing costs and improving agility. But how can companies adapt their processes to these new demands? In this episode, we speak with Stacy Carron, CIO of Stout, a boutique investment bank, about the firm's technology strategy.

Stacy describes Stout's transformation to a cloud-first approach as critical to their IT strategy, which has brought both financial and operational benefits.

The conversation covers these topics:
● Tell us about Stout and the Chief Information Officer role?
● Describe your cloud-first journey?
● What are the advantages of cloud computing?
● Are there risks associated with cloud migration?
● What are the benefits of cloud adoption?
● What are the challenges of cloud migration?
● How did Workday support your cloud strategy?
● What is the impact of a cloud-first strategy on the CIO and IT organization?
● How does cloud computing change the CIO role?
● What is the impact of cloud o[n CIO metrics and KPIs?
● What advice do you have for CIOs looking at public cloud services?

Read the complete transcript:

Stacy Carron is Stout’s Chief Information Officer. With over 22 years of information systems and technology experience, Stacy serves as a principal in the development of technological solutions for the firm and its clients, leads technology diligence and integration projects related to acquisitions, and is a key contributor to the firm’s strategic planning and critical business projects.

Stacy led Stout's infrastructure migration to a cloud-first platform and continually implements security systems and platforms to combat and scale the firm and clients along the ever-changing security landscape. Her additional areas of expertise include optimization of internal technology systems, network administration, software development, collaborative technology implementation, custom development of internal systems, technology compliance, strategic planning, project management, communications planning, and firm facilities management, including numerous office-relocation projects.

In 2022, Stacy was nominated as a finalist for the Michigan CIO© ORBIE® Awards for demonstrating excellence in technology leadership.
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