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Today, let's focus on the issue of China's Amazon: Alibaba Taobao's management adjustment! American shopping website giant Amazon is famous around the world. At the same time, China merchandiser Jack Ma also found Chinese unique and prevalent shopping website giant Alibaba and its affiliate website Taobao Tmall. It was regarded as China's Amazon. In these day, China's Amazon Taobao Tmall is facing to the management adjustment inside. Whether the leader's adjustment will make Taobao Tmall overpass the authentic Amazon in the future?

On December 6, Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, issued an internal letter announcing that the company had upgraded its ''diversified governance'' system and appointed Dai Shan and Jiang Fan to be responsible for the newly established ''China Digital Business'' and ''Overseas Digital Business'' respectively. Big plate.

As the president of the group, Dai Shan will represent Alibaba Group in charge of Taobao (including Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba), B2C retail business group, Taocaicai, Taote and 1688, and jointly form the "China Digital Commercial Sector."

As the president of the group, Fan Jiang will represent the Alibaba Group in charge of the two overseas businesses of AliExpress and International Trade (ICBU), as well as Lazada and other subsidiaries that face overseas markets, forming an "overseas digital business sector."

Ali also announced that Wu Wei will no longer serve as the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from March 31, 2022, and will be succeeded by Xu Hong (Toby), Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Deputy CFO) of the Group, and Wu Wei will continue to serve as the Group's Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Executive Director and a member of the Sustainability Committee under the Group's Board of Directors. Zhang Yong used the term "outstanding historical contribution" in his internal letter to fully affirm Wu Wei's work and achievements for Alibaba in the past 15 years. He also said that he and Wu Wei have been planning a CFO succession plan together a few years ago, and the conditions for the handover are ripe today.

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