China Donates to Philippines as U.S.-Philipines Defense Ties Strengthen|Taiwan Talks EP154

As Taiwan’s southerly neighbor, the Philippines, pivots closer to the U.S, we’ll look at China’s attempts to win back the island nation with its latest fertilizer donation. Taiwan Talks also takes a deep dive at what Taiwan’s indigenous Yushan-class landing platform dock means for the nation’s defense, as the U.S. enhances defense cooperation with countries in the First Island Chain.

Our guests are:

Leonard Chao
- Former Taiwan Ambassador to the Kingdom of Eswatini and Taiwan People’s Party Mainland China Affairs Committee Chair

Stephen Tan
- International Policy Advisory Group Managing Director

Jason Hsu
- Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation Senior Research Fellow and former legislator (KMT)

We also hear from:

Rick Fisher
- International Assessment and Strategy Center Senior Fellow and PLA expert

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