China builds a 737 killer ! The biggest challenge to Boeing & Airbus is coming!

Welcome to Hot Topics Time, today, I want to talk about the development of China's large aircraft. In my opinion, China's localization of large aircraft can not only change the global aviation industry dominated by Airbus and Boeing, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to a high-end and advanced direction. In a word, the large aircraft industry is very important to China's development.

For today's video, I checked a lot of information, found a lot of interesting things, and wrote down the script word by word. I guess it won't let you down. Please be sure to watch the end! Today, let's talk about what is a large aircraft and its development status in China. Why is this a war that China absolutely cannot lose? Are there similarities between the rise of large aircraft and the rise of China's high-speed rail? OK, let's get started!
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