Chiefs' GM Veach on Orlando Brown, Tyrann Mathieu and Defense In End-Of-Season Press Conference

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In an end-of-season press conference that covered many topics, Kansas City Chiefs' General Manager Brett Veach discussed whether Chiefs will bring back Orlando Brown, what can be done with Tyrann Mathieu and improving the defense on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.

0:00 Opening statement

5:00 Where do you think Tyrann Mathieu and Orlando Brown are in the grand scheme of things right now because they are in the final year of their deals?

07:31 What position groups are you prioritizing heading into this offseason?

09:12 Did Melvin Ingram exceed your expectations this season? Is it a priority to bring him back next year?

11:56 Is there anything that this team didn’t have compared to the previous teams?

15:14 How much of a priority is a third offensive weapon for you guys in the 2022 season?

16:58 Is there a sense that phase one of the Patrick Mahomes era is done? Is it time now to shift gears in how the cap management works?

19:49 Are you exclusively having conversations with Orlando Brown about him staying in Kansas City and playing left tackle? Would you say Tyrann Mathieu is no longer with the Chiefs organization?

22:50 How does the way the season finishes play into your offseason blueprint or are there other elements that weigh heavier?

25:51 What did Ryan Poles and the other guys mean to your staff?

27:43 How do you feel where you are regarding the salary cap and what is your confidence level for an extension or a franchise tag with Orlando Brown?

31:02 Can you go through the arc of Patrick Mahomes’ season as you saw it?

36:07 How would you look at the cornerback position and address it with Charvarius Ward’s contract expiring?

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