Chewjitsu & Ramsey Dewey test out Detroit Urban Survival Training Techniques

Well, it finally happened… a crossover with Chewjitsu! And what’s more: we have combined our forces to test out questionable self defense techniques. This time, we try out some grappling and hand to hand techniques taught by Dale Brown from Detroit Urban Survival Training.

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Subscribe to Chewjitsu for excellent videos on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. Nick Alvin (aka: Chewey) is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, a former MMA fighter and wrestler, who has coached BJJ for many years and teaches at Derby City Mixed Martial Arts in Louisville Kentucky, USA.

Our intention with this video is not to mock Dale Brown or those who train with the Detroit Threat Management Center. But rather offer commentary and suggestions for improving his techniques and training methods by highlighting the crossover between effective combat sports training and effective self defense.

With such a large following, D.U.S.T. has tremendous capacity to put self-defense information in front of the eyes of hopeful viewers. It is my hope that through critiques like this, they can improve the quality of that information in the future.


Ramsey Dewey is an MMA coach and fight commentator, and occasional musician based in Shanghai, China.

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This video features original music by Ramsey Dewey

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