Check Point Jump Start: CloudGuard Posture Management - 2 - What are the Cloud Security Challenges?

Check Point Jump Start: CloudGuard Posture Management

In this course, you will learn about what Posture Management is, why you need a Posture Management solution, and what makes Check Point CloudGuard Posture management solution the Global leader in Cloud Protection.

This course has these lessons:
Lesson 1 - What is Posture Management?
In this lesson, we will learn what posture management is, why you would need a posture management solution, and how a posture management solution will be used to secure your assets in the cloud.

Lesson 2 – What are the Cloud Security Challenges?
In this lesson, we will look at key cybersecurity challenges customers face when they move their assets into the cloud and how a posture management solution can help address these challenges.

Lesson 3 - What is Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management?
In this lesson, we will discuss the Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management solution and why it is the global leader in cloud protection.

Lesson 4 - How does CloudGuard Posture Management Work?
In this lesson, we will break down how CloudGuard Posture Management works, how it functions, and how to get started.

Lesson 5 – CloudGuard Posture Management Course Summary
In this lesson, we are going to summarize the CloudGuard training course

Lesson 6 – Posture Management Demo Lab
This final lesson is a demonstration Lab. We are going to go over the CloudGuard Console interface and navigate through the main key topics discussed in the lecture videos.

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