ChatGPT, the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), and You!

In this talk, Ganesh delves into the fascinating world of Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and the development of ChatGPT. He will provide a comprehensive overview of the principles and technologies behind these groundbreaking models, tracing their historical roots and charting their rapid evolution. As we journey through this technological timeline, Ganesh will reveal the transformative potential that LLMs hold for the future of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

In addition to exploring the broader implications of LLMs, the talk will focus on the specific applications and challenges within the healthcare sector. Ganesh will analyze the promise, potential, and perils of deploying LLMs in enterprise environments, addressing concerns related to data privacy, ethics, and the possible unintended consequences of AI integration. By examining real-life case studies and cutting-edge research, attendees will understand how these advanced AI models revolutionize healthcare and their role in shaping the industry's future.

Ganesh Padmanabhan is the CEO & founder of Autonomize, Inc, a technology company applying Trusted Generative AI to power healthcare outcomes. He is an accomplished business executive, entrepreneur, and investor with deep expertise in data and artificial intelligence (AI) related businesses. Ganesh is passionate about using technology to solve the biggest challenges for humankind and believes in AI's power to augment human potential. He advocates for the ethical use of data and AI and for using technology as a global equalizer to create opportunities for all.

He is also the Founder & Chief Creator of Stories in AI, an edutainment venture. He previously co-founded and scaled Molecula Corp, a data management company, and led growth and commercial at CognitiveScale, Inc, an Enterprise AI company. Before that, he spent a 15-year career spanning Dell Technologies and Intel Corp.

He is an investor and advisor for several companies, including Credo AI, OpsLab, Advanced Scanners, Stonks SuperWorld, Piggy Capital, Laureti Motor Corporation. He has been active in the community by mentoring local entrepreneurs and startups at Capital Factory, Texas. In 2020, he served on Texas Governor Abbott's COVID-19 Strike Force on Innovation, helping them unlock data for better decisions on the response and recovery in the State.

A frequent keynote speaker, he has been published in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and other publications. He was honored by Enterprise Management 360 as one of the top 10 tech experts revolutionizing AI. Ganesh holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calicut, India, and an MBA from McCombs School at the University of Texas Austin.
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