Changelog - New Relic Vulnerability Management

New Relic Vulnerability Management makes it easier to incorporate devsecops into your development workflow → Sign up for a free New Relic account https://bit.ly/trynew_relic

Yoram Mireles, Director of Product Marketing
Jonathan Karon Senior Director, Head of Security Products

0:00 - Intros
2:50 - Vulnerability management today, and what we're looking to change
17:37 - Observability and vulnerability management
19:25 - The jobs to be done, and who's responsible
24:54 - Product demo & discussion
25:25 - Security data in context for improved triaging and delegation
31:10 - High-level views and metrics
36:30 - Entity-centric view
41:20 - Synthesizing insights for faster assessment & reaction
54:49 - Driving security practices forward

#observability #monitoring #security #infosec #devsecops #vulnerability #CVE

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