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Today’s topic comes from an article from Construction Dive titled, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Legislation to Prevent 'Change Order Scheming' on State Projects.

The state is claiming that Cherry Hill Construction was using change order scheming on the Mount Rose I-83 Interchange project.
Dr. Isaac Kashiwagi explores the question of whether or not legislation can solve the issue of change order scheming and poor project performance. According to the research and the Best Value Approach, high performance can only come from utilizing expertise. These laws might not be a long-term solution if companies are awarding contracts based on verifiable performance.

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0:00 The Backstory
1:30 Can Laws Improve Performance?
3:41 The Source of the Problem
5:32 A Long Term Solution

Concepts and processes used are from the Best Value Approach (BVA) developed by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi in 1992 at PBSRG and KSM inc.. It has been tested over 2,000 times delivering $6.6B of services in 10 different countries saving 30% of the project costs. BVA is the most licensed intellectual property (IP) developed at Arizona State University, voted the Most Innovative University in the country for four years in a row. The BVA is a unique procurement and project management philosophy. It is a game-changer in the optimization of services in the age of information systems, robotics, and project management automation. Footage comes from free procurement courses and live presentations on management skills vs leadership skills. The founding philosophy is the Information Measurement Theory.

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