Change Management: Why Leaders Need To Find The Early Adopter Employees In The Organization

In this video Libby Gill discusses addressing change and why leaders need to find early adopters employees within the organization to act as champions of change.

Change is an inevitable part of running a long lasting organization.

More often than not, change within an organization is met with resistance and dissatisfaction among some of the members of the organization.

However, finding the right agents of change within the organization can help ease transition tensions as well as improve the rate at which employees adopt changes within the organization.

So how do we go about identifying agents of change? What are the characteristics that make someone effective at championing change within an organization? Once we identify them, how do we utilize their impact?

Join us as we get the answers to these questions and many more from author and leadership coach, Libby Gill. Hear real life stories of how organizations who identify agents of change among their employees have benefited from the practice.

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