Change Management What it is Why it Matters

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the pace at which organizations respond to change, with organizational leadership changing their focus from marketplace competitiveness to employee productivity.

For our August meeting, we are going to have an expert on Change Management Consulting, Dr. Kimberly Morse, talk with us about what Change Management is and why effective Change Management is important

Dr. Morse is a Senior Consultant with the OD and Change Leadership Group, a global consultancy with consultants in over ten major cities across the United States and partners in five countries. She has extensive experience in Higher Education, having worked to improve the customer service experience for nearly 10 years, including leading a digital transformation both pre- and during Covid. She is published on topics such as life satisfaction, work/life balance, stress, financial well-being, the use of technology to improve services for distance learners, and writing a dissertation. She is experienced in quantitative and qualitative data analyses. Dr. Morse is highly skilled at assisting organizations with identifying areas for opportunities and developing plans to address those challenges.

Dr. Kimberly Morse

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