CH5 - EP02- Overheads Costing - eCommerce Business Management

Wrong expectations and why most ecommerce businesses fail. Reason of losses are mainly attributed to overhead costings which many of the ecommerce business owners don't even consider. Examples of overhead costing are stuck inventory, return and lost inventory, refunds, packing costs, damages, fuel, GST and other taxes.

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Table of Content - HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass

01-Course Overview - HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass
02-EP01 - Vision & Objective - CH1 - Intro to Digital Marketing
03-EP02 - Importance of Brand Image - CH1 - Intro to Digital Marketing
04-EP03 - Digital Marketing - CH1 - Intro to Digital Marketing
05-EP01 - Hosting and Domain - CH2 - Website Development
06-EP02 - Wordpress vs Shopify - CH2 - Website Development
07-EP03- Installing WordPress from cPanel - CH2-WordPress Development
08-EP04 - SSL & WooCommerce - CH2 - Wordpress Development
09-EP05- Variable Products-Homepage-Theme Selection - CH2-WordPress Development
10-EP06 - Theme Installation - CH2 - Wordpress Development
11-EP07 - Theme Setup-Required Plugins-Demo Import - CH2 - Wordpress Development
12-EP08-Theme Setup - Header-Menu-Logo - CH2-WordPress Development
13-EP09-Store Setup - Homepage & Contact Page Design - CH2-WordPress Development
14-EP10-Bulk Product Upload Using CSV File - CH2-WordPress Development
15-EP11- Generating Privacy Policy and Return Policy - CH2-WordPress Development
16-EP12- Footer Designing & Generating About Us Content Using Chat GPT- CH2-WordPress Development
17-EP13- Chat Button & Banners Designing - Error Resolving Approach- CH2-WordPress Development
18–EP14- Slider Revolution and Product Grids- CH2-WordPress Development
19-EP15- Setting Checkout Form and Delivery Charges- CH2-WordPress Development
20-EP16- Adding Coupons & Discounts- CH2-WordPress Development
21-EP17- Setting up Mobile Version of the Website- CH2-WordPress Development
22-EP18- Summarizing WordPress Development and Other Niche Websites- CH2-WordPress Development
23-EP01- Setting up Social Media Existence - CH3-Digital Marketing Practical
24-EP02 - Meta Business Manager-Ad Account-Pixel Setup - CH3-Digital Marketing Practical
25-EP03 Part-1- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model- CH3-Digital Marketing Practical
26-EP03 Part-2- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model- CH3-Digital Marketing Practical
27-EP04 - Conversion Rate Optimization- CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
28-EP05 - Content Scrapping and Product Uploading- CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
29-EP06 - Launching First Facebook Marketing Campaign - CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
30-EP07 - Ad Performance Evaluation - CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
31-EP08 - Call Confirmations & Order Fulfilment- CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
32-EP09 - Google Analytics Integration - CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
33-EP10 - Advance Features and Facebook Ads Scaling - CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
34-EP11 - Facebook Leads Ads - CH3 - Digital Marketing Practical
35-EP01 - TikTok Ads Overview- CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts
36-EP02 - Understanding Facebook Algorithm - CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts
37-EP03-Email & Influencer Marketing-Organic Activities-Google My Business-CH4-DM Advance Concept
38-EP04- Search Engine Optimization - CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts
39-EP05- Extremely Advance Digital Marketing Strategies - CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts
40-EP01- Courier Companies Selection for eCommerce in Pakistan - CH5-eCommerce Business Management
You are here = 41-EP02- Overheads Costing - CH5-eCommerce Business Management
42-EP03- Order Management & Covering up Return Ratio - CH5-eCommerce Business Management
43-Journey Conclusion and Summary- HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass
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