CFO 4.0 Podcast | Agile Finance and Fundamental Management Skills

Agile Finance and Fundamental Management Skills - A live podcast with Chris Argent from GenCFO Academy

Originally airing live as part of the GenCFO Academy, in this week’s episode of the CFO 4.0 podcast, Hannah was joined by Chris Argent!

Hannah and Chris dig deep into the fundamental management skills needed within finance teams, discussing the benefits of flexible, diverse, and multidisciplinary teams and the impact it can have on business performance.

Also covered on the podcast:
• Does every finance person want to be a CFO?
• Are CFOs generalists or specialists?
• What are fundamental management skills within finance teams?
• What does an agile finance team look like?
• How to make sure you build career paths that work for both finance and business

Links from the podcast:
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• Explore the GenCFO academy
• Chris Argent’s LinkedIn
• CFO 4.0 Podcast

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