Certified Internal Auditor Exam: ISO 31000 Framework

ISO 31000 is one of the two most prominent risk management frameworks for internal auditors. It is a frequently tested principles-based approach to risk management and provides direction on how companies can integrate risk-based decision-making into an organization's governance, planning, management, reporting, policies, values, and culture.

In this webinar, Professor Mauriello, CIA, CPA, CMA, will walk through the key concepts you must know for this principles-based approach to risk management as a CIA exam candidate! 

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0:00 Intro
2:58 Agenda
4:32 Risk Management Refresher
20:51 Intro to ISO
24:25 ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework
49:34 ISO 31000 vs. COSO ERM comparison
50:44 Today's Webinar in Review
51:07 ISO 31000 MCQ Walkthrough 1
54:52 MCQ Question 2
58:50 CIA ISO 31000 Multiple Choice Question 3
1:00:51 Recap
1:01:25 Contact Info
1:01:59 More Videos

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