CEA 113 - The Top 4 Reasons Why People Quit Their Companies

You’ve seen the surprising numbers on the “Great Resignation”, with more than 4 million Americans quitting their jobs in July 2021 alone. Everyone has a different reason for considering doing the same. And today, you’ll learn what the top four reasons are, and how they play out over time.

What You’ll Learn:

The 4 Main Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs
How Different Management Styles Affect Employee Satisfaction at the Workplace
Workplace Bureaucracy and Its Role in Employee Retention
How Companies That Listen Up Can Make Their Employees Step Up
Why Companies Should Assess How Much Employees Enjoy The Work They’re Doing
Alternatives to Quitting Your Job If You Don’t Enjoy The Work You Do
Why Pay is More Important Than Ever Before for Every Employee
What You Can Do to Get a Pay Raise Without Leaving Your Company (If You Want to)

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