CEA 112 - Managing Structural Engineers Effectively with Geoff Smith

Civil engineers are not taught management skills in school. Yet a lot of them end up going that route after college. If you ever find yourself in this position, or you actually want to go into management, Geoff Smith is the person to listen to. He learned the skills independently, has been doing it for a long time, and today will teach you how to effectively do the same.

What You’ll Learn:

How the Structural Engineering Manager’s Job Changed with the Pandemic
The Importance for Managers to Check in with Their Teams in the Pandemic World
How Can Young Engineers Get “Experience'' in the Remote Work System?
Why the Hybrid Work Structure Will Emerge as the Best Option
The #1 Skill Future Structural Engineers Should Learn Regarding Their Software Tools
There’s No Plan B in Structural Engineering. So How to Ensure You “Get it Right”?
The Importance of Knowing the Different Materials and Their Unique Properties
The Conferences Structural Engineers Attend to Up Their Game
How Remote Work Can Help You Better Prepare for Your PE or SE Exam
The First Person You Should Talk to After Deciding to Take Your Professional Exams
Why Engineers Don’t Naturally Make Good Managers—And You How Can Change That
The Basic Traits of a Good Manager Every Engineer Should Be Aware of

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