CAV Operations Cyber Risk Management

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CAV Operations Cyber Risk Management

This webinar will focus on Cyber Risk Management for Owner / Operators for enabling Cyber Resilience in CAV Operations. Currently, most of the work done in the field of Automotive Cybersecurity focuses on the manufacturing aspect of the Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). However, once a CAV is on the road, a comprehensive cyber framework must be established to ensure cyber resilience of the vehicle and indeed the entire Mobility Ecosystem. This framework must start from cyber risk assessments of new vehicles onboarded onto a fleet and continue through the operations lifecycle of the vehicle. Critical events such as cyber updates must be regulated and cyber monitoring of the vehicle and its ecosystem carried out. Incident Management protocols must be in place and a VCIRT established to mitigate cyber incidents. Finally, it should ensure proper cyber procedures are followed at the time of decommission or End of Support.


AJ Khan, CISSP, CCSK, PCIP, MBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

AJ Khan is the CEO of Vehiqilla Inc. and the President of Global Syndicate for Mobility Cybersecurity (GSMC), a non-profit focused on enhancing cyber in all forms of Mobility. He is also the ex-Chair of the APMA Cyber Security Committee and is a contributor on Mobility Cybersecurity for Transport Canada, European Union Information Security Agency (ENISA), CSA Group and Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association.

AJ has over 20 years of experience in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), and 13 years of experience in Cybersecurity Innovation and Emerging Technologies. AJ is an ardent advocate of Cyber Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and in his view, there is a critical need to address Cyber Security in today’s Connected and Cloud deployments and if considerable effort is not made to address this issue, corporations will incorporate considerable Security Debt that will manifest itself later in the form of major security breaches.

AJ’s new book “Automotive Cyber Governance” also focuses on implementing Automotive Cyber Governance. In this book, AJ lays out a holistic strategy to enable Cyber Governance, Risk & Compliance in the Automotive Organization.
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