Caught Wife Cheating w/ My Biological Dad For His Inheritance But Mom Wasn't Having Any Of Their BS

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Story Summary :-
Op (M 32), who works as an architect in a construction firm, met Emma in her college days. She was junior to him in college, and she became friends with him after he helped her with her then-boyfriend. She has always been demanding jewelry and other stuff from OP. They both dated for about six months before marrying each other after Op secured a job as an Architect at some construction firm. She met his father, Rudy, at the ceremony, where he was present with all his friends and colleagues. They both shared some interests there and then moved on. After marriage, they both moved to his father’s villa. Which was extraordinary and beautiful. Op had warned Emma about his father, who has a ridiculous nature towards females in general. And has this habit of boasting about his richness. Op became involved in some petty fights with Emma over her surreal demands for geekery that were not fulfilled by OP because of his low salary. So, Emma went to ask for the jewelry and other stuff with Rudy, who took advantage of it and started an affair with her. One day, she saw the chats between them on her phone and got to know about their affair. He then followed them to the restaurant and heard them say things about his younger son, saying that he was the son of Rudy. He confronts all the things in front of his family. Enraged by this his father him and his mother out of his property.  They then file the claim for alimony and the right for his daughter. His mother gets half of the withholding, including the villa. Rudy and Emma have to leave the town after he loses his job.

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