Catherine Lassen /SNU DAAE Public Lectures Series Fall 2021 #6

#SNUDAAE Public #Lecture Series Fall 2021
2021 서울대학교 세계선도 중점학과 육성사업 온라인 초청강연

Catherine Lassen

Catherine Lassen is an architect and academic at the University of Sydney, Australia. She has curated exhibitions such as Thinking Drawing / Working Drawing (Tokyo) on Glenn Murcutt that newly underlined architectural construction drawings in his design method and has written books and chapters on his work, for example, “Marie Short House” in The Companions to the History of Architecture (Wiley 2017). She has collaborated with landscape architect Dan Kiley on a small house in Cambridge, MA, and on site-specific art works with Yoko Ono that formed part of a major retrospective, War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono, at the MCA Sydney.

Utzon, Leplastrier, Murcutt: House as Experiment, Australia

Choon Choi

#Production assistant
Jeffery J. Kim

2021. 11. 03
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