Casper Network: Account & Governance Model | IEEE Blockchain Framework

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Hey everyone in this video we touch basis on the Casper Account and governance model framework. This highly flexible and customizable framework lends itself well to a standardization across blockchain governance and compliance. Casper was built for mass adoption and these are some of the most underrated reasons why it can be very successful.

00:00 Intro
00:24 April recap
00:43 Topic intro
01:33 CSPR Account model
04:15 IEEE Blockchain CSPR partner
04:36 New Head of Research(IEEE)
04:49 IEEE Blockchain Governance Framework
05:44 CTO Medha on governance framework
06:20 Xprize partnership & focus
07:14 1 Million+ wallets on Casper?
07:45 SOC2 Compliance
08:21 SOC2 Compliance & Governance requirements
09:35 My thoughts/Outro

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