Career in Luxury Brand Management 2022 | By Study Abroad Counsellor #luxurybrandmanagement

Career in Luxury Brand Management
It is a specialized area of management where you work
with big brands.
During the course, one will learn about competitive strategy, managing multi-
brands, anthropology of luxury consumption, branding experience, understanding markets and
consumers, pricing for brand building, etc.

As such, luxury brand management is a driving force in the success
of the fashion industry.
All brands, big or small, have brand managers in place to market the
luxury products for the public.
Luxury brand managers have a critical role in corporate decisions,
given the expertise and value, they bring to the organization.
What does a luxury brand manager do?
● Market research for target products and customers;
● Plan and supervise advertising campaigns;
● Sketch product and distribution plans;
● Brand and resource budgeting;
● Network with external agencies and promotional representatives;
● Oversee marketing staff and assignments.
Career Opportunities:
Luxury management has evolved at a rapid pace in the past few years.
It is one of the most
vibrant industries in the world, making the idea of working in this sector even more appealing.
The best thing about pursuing a degree and starting a career in luxury brand management is that
you can land various kinds of roles based on your interests and expertise.

Eligibility Criteria: For Abroad, The entry requirements for getting into a luxury brand
management courses is relatively straightforward, and they usually include:
● Minimum enrolment age of 21;
● An undergraduate degree from a recognized university;
● A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (with a score of at least 5.5 in each component), a minimum
PTE score of 50, or equivalent.
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