"Cardano Roadmap and Governance" - Charles Hoskinson Cardano News

"Cardano Roadmap and Governance" - Charles Hoskinson Cardano News

Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician and a technology entrepreneur. Before delving into cryptography through corporate exposure, he studied analytic number theory at Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder.

Invictus Innovations, Ethereum, and IOHK are three cryptocurrency-related start-ups he founded.
He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation's education committee and formed the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013.

His most recent activities have focused on educating people about bitcoin, campaigning for decentralization, and making cryptography tools more widely available. One example is his involvement in the research, design, and development of Cardano, a third-generation cryptocurrency that debuted in September 2017.

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Let's Talk Roadmap and Governance

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