Carbon got your eye? Using C++ libraries today from Jakt & Nim


This video focuses specifically on using C++ libraries from other languages, rather than on building C++ libraries with other languages.

And thanks much to everyone working on all the languages mentioned! That includes at least: C++, Carbon, Zig, Rust, Jakt, Nim, & D. I think they're all great work, and I'm glad for the variety of options.

Also, Jakt has no official logo yet, so in the thumbnail I used the logo for SerenityOS itself.

0:00 Intro
0:36 D perspective
1:17 Jakt & Nim perspective
2:19 Bullet physics
2:45 C++ (cpp)
5:18 Jakt
8:02 Jakt Bullet bindings
9:47 C++ generated by Jakt
11:10 Nim
12:55 Nim Bullet bindings
14:07 C++ generated by Nim
16:42 D again
19:30 Outro
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