Capitalist genocide against humanity

Communism is said to have killed over 100.000.000 people over the span of just 70 years. In modern political discourse, this claim is used as the main catchphrase against the supposedly brutal and authoritarian tyranny of socialism in the 20th century. - the first thing your fellow liberal or conservative will fire out when they hear the word “socialism” or “communism”. Like most other regurgitated anti-communist catchphrases, this one contains no intellectual honesty or coherent argumentation.

This monolithic number in particular can be traced back to the “Black book of communism: Crimes, Terror Repression” from 1997, which serves as somewhat of a criminal record of socialist states and is there to remind young leftists about the terrors of communism and why that system is destructive and outdated, hence making a passive-aggressive assertion that capitalism has no alternative, that we have reached the "end of history" and that all those who are looking for a systemic change at the foundations of our modes of production and social relations - are either confused wimps who live with their parents or malevolent lunatics.

In the second part of the video, I will present to you my own research and analysis, using similar, yet more honest logic and therefore conservative estimates, to calculate a comprehensive death toll of the capitalist system, as a comparison to the allegations which are thrown at socialism.

Therefore I’ve taken the liberty to try the impossible - to count ALL the deaths by capitalism since the industrial revolution to modern day.

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0:00 Introduction
3:10 Black book of communism - Debunked
8:56 Definition of Capitalism
10:34 Systemic violence
29:32 Systemic violence - Final death count
31:47 Imperialism - The highest stage of capitalism
36:36 Fascism - Capitalism in decay
41:40 International conflict, settler colonialism, slavery
45:28 Final death count
46:20 Conclusion
50:43 Michael Parenti speech
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