Capacity Building for Islamic Financial and Halal Industry

[AD] To expand the opportunities and develop the Halal Industry market, every party needs to participate and have certain levels of knowledge and skills required for capacity building on halal quality management. So let’s see what are the capacity buildings for Halal Industry and Islamic Finance that have been implemented by CIMB and other organizations.

Check out Kinihalal x CIMB Islamic Bank Talkshow Episode 7 with host Syilda Ismail and a panel of experts to spread awareness on capacity building of Islamic finance and the halal industry.

Date: 2nd November 2022
Time: 4 pm

Moderator: Syilda Ismail, Manager of Halal Integrated Platform (HIP)

- Prof Dr. Abdul Malik, Co-Founder of PFM Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.
- Dr. Mohamed Fairooz Bin Abdul Khir, Chairman of Board Shariah Committee, CIMB Islamic Bank
- Ruslena Ramli, Director of Islamic Digital Economy (MDEC)

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