Cannabis Canopy Management - Canna Cribs Podcast

Cannabis Canopy Management - Canna Cribs Podcast

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In this podcast episode, Nick Morin discusses canopy management strategies with cannabis consultant Philipp Matzneller. Listen into the in-depth talk around trimming for higher yields and using the Leaf Area Index to maximize light penetration.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 Opening
00:30 Shout out to Grodan, GreenBroz, HLG, Treez, and Athena Nutrients
01:15 Introducing Philipp Matzneller
03:15 A PhD in Cannabis?
05:42 First Job in Cannabis
08:55 Canopy Management
12:08 Effects of Canopy Management
15:30 Physiological Factors
18:30 Lighting Considerations
19:40 Leaf Area Index Among Crops
28:45 Rockwool Discussion
30:07 Shout out to Grodan
31:12 Shade Avoidance
38:15 Source-Sink Relationship
45:18 Shout out to Grodan
47:14 Airflow
52:17 Canna Cribs Consulting
57:24 Data Collection
01:03:54 Outro
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What’s in the interview?

How long have you been working in Cannabis?
You are writing a book chapter on Canopy Management, it’s not out yet, but we got a sneak peak.
I’d love a basic primer on canopy management -
How would you sum up the importance of proper canopy management and the effects it can have on your crop?
What do people forget/get wrong/neglect when it comes to managing their canopy?
What kind of factors need to be considered? Can you give us a brief rundown and then we can dig in a little deeper?
Physiological Factors
Light Interception
Is a flat canopy enough?
Leaf area Index
What is it?
Different for different plants?
How do you measure it?
What’s the best Leaf Area Index for cannabis?

Shade Avoidance
What is this?
What is the overall impact on the plant?
How does proper (or improper) canopy management affect the plant growth?
Ultimately, a primary goal of canopy management is to increase yield and potency
How else can canopy management benefit the final product?
I came across something in my reading and I’d like to know more about the Source/Sink relationship?
Does it differ during different stages of the plant life cycle?
What is it and how does canopy management affect it?

We’ve talked to a lot of growers about airflow, but it’s usually in the context of disease prevention, and I’ve not come across something quite as granular as you’ve written about.
Can you explain the importance and then go more into detail about the boundary layer and how it’s thickness affects physiological processes?
Is there any correlation between airflow and increased yield? Or is it ultimately about pest and disease prevention?
As we wrap up, what are your goals with Canna Cribs Consulting?
Are there any projects you have going currently that you’d like to tell us about?
Is there anything we didn’t get a chance to discuss that you’d like to mention?
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