Can the French AMX-10 RC Make a Difference in Ukraine?

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The French Army's AMX-10 RC infantry support vehicle by most Western standards falls into the modern categories of an Armored Reconnaissance or Infantry Support vehicle. According to its initial NATO classification in the 1980s, it is officially a “Heavy Armament Combat Vehicle” rather than a light tank, primarily due to its lack of tracks, which would make it a literal tank, and the fact that it doesn’t carry additional infantry, which would make it an infantry fighting vehicle. It can keep up with the light infantry’s MRAP or humvee. Using its 250 HorsePower Hispano-Suiza 115-2 supercharged engine gives it an insanely high max speed of 85kph, or almost 53 miles per hour on road and an on paper operational range of 1000km or 621 miles, blowing any vehicle out of the water in terms of distance this thing can cover on a single tank of gas.

Written by: Chris Cappy and Justin Taylor
Edited by: Savvy Studios

It might seem like weird keyboard warrior semantics to worry about how to classify a vehicle, but it’s actually kind of important because the classification helps us make some predictions on how it will perform on the battlefield in Ukraine. You don’t want your soldiers using it to do tank things if it’s not a tank. Maybe we can get that guy to make a documentary called what is a tank?

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