Can only engineers become Product Managers? | Masters of Product: Ep 01, Ft. VP - Product at Toothsi

We hosted a podcast with product master, Ashank Bhandari, VP - Product at Toothsi, wherein he talked about:

- The fundamentals of Product Management: what is Product Management? What do Product Managers do? Who should become a Product Manager?
- The core skills of a successful Product Manager
- Whether non-engineers are the right fit for Product Management
- The difference between APMs and PMs

Ashank Bhandari, the “accidental product manager” as he likes to call himself, is truly a master of Product Management. With years of experience in Product Management, Ashank has explored different nuances of Product Management and worked for brands like Amazon, Flipkart and now at Toothsi.

About the Programme:

The MasterCamp in Product Management is taught live by experienced Product Managers from top companies & startups. It is a hands-on programme that aims to help working professionals, B.Tech & MBA students transition to roles in Product Management.

To know more about the programme, please visit: https://mastersunion.org/mastercamps/product-management

Contents of this podcast:

00:01- Introduction
4:10- Journey to PM
13:40- Ashank’s Version of Product Management
20:22- How Product Managers Work
33:51- Product Management skills & myths
37:13- Can non-tech folks & freshers become PMs in India?
45:37- Are you a good fit for Product Management?
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