Can managing 2000+ contracts be made easy?

My previous episode on reining in attrition seems to have struck a chord with many of you. Grateful to all of you for the likes, comments and shares.

Today, I am happy to share with you an interview with Guru, Cofounder & CEO of the CLM startup firm Simplicontract. Grateful to Kumaran, our Cofounder & CTO for this fantastic interview.

In this interview Guru has explained how he and his team used a systematic approach to find the transformative opportunity, execute an MVP, sign up paying customers even before the product existed etc. They have managed to pull that off in the super tough world of enterprise legal contracts. Just reading an enterprise legal contract is enough to get your head spinning, if you are not familiar with legalese.

Guru's insights confirm what we have been trying to do over the last 6.5 years of our existence - that we can create digital transformation using a systematic approach in any organization or in any team.

Simply brilliant. Not to be missed.

Without further ado, here is the 9 min video. As always, please chime away in the comments section.

TMTX 33 Digital Transformation of Enterprise Contracts
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